How much training do you need to actually see results?

I Am Devine asks how much time do you actually need for fitness?

Have you asked yourself this question at some point?

I know I have but there’s a problem here.

How much time do YOU actually have to spend on fitness.

If there’s a mismatch between how much time you’ve got and how much time you think it would take to get results then what’s the point?

Why bother training at all if you can’t do enough of it to get the results.

I’ll show you why but first let’s look at where those 168 hrs you get each week are being spent.

In your forties, yes, you are probably busier than you’ve ever been.

Work commitments and responsibility have reached new heights. Perhaps even the expectation of social engagments entertaining clients outside of work hours.

You’re dizzy trying to remember which kid you’re supposed to pick up from which sporting club on which night.

Carving out ‘selfish’ time for yourself has to be cleverly disguised as something entirely different so as not to attract suspicion from your overworked partner.😉

Ok, I get it, you’re busy!

And yes some days are just going to be 💩

And this is where it really comes down to looking for ways to actually do something or finding excuses to duck out.

Everyone’s schedule is different obviously and this is why it’s on you to figure this part out.

This may mean getting up early when it’s cold and dark or doing something much later than ideal after work.

It could be using a 30 min lunch break.

It could also be the hour and a half you’re sat in your car waiting for your kid at football.

There are opportunities. It’s down to you to figure out which one makes most sense to use.

Getting back to how much training time you need to see results?

Well I truly believe that if you can set aside 30 mins per day, EVERYDAY then you’ll be on the right track.

This time can be used to lift weights, to run, row, skip or cycle. It could be that you use 30 mins at lunchtime to walk.

Still not convinced?

Then message below and I’ll happily provide you with a killer workout that may help change your mind.

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Steve not just a skilled Crossfit Coach, but a top-tier CrossFit Competitor who's ranked in the top 1% worldwide in the 2023 Crossfit Open! And this is despite spending six weeks on crutches following surgery to fix a broken ankle just a year ago. He's Qualified as a Crossfit L1 Coach, Crossfit Gymnastics, and is also a qualified Olympic Weightlifting Coach.

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