Do we overthink fitness?

How did it all get so complicated?

Tempo, strength curves, frequency, intensity, duration… the list goes on.

Evidence based training is here to stay and rightly so.

But just consider that much of the experimentation and empirical proof we now embrace is borne of what trainees were already doing in the gym. 

And your typical 3 sets of 10 harks back to the ‘40s. progressive resistance exercise, Delorme  (1948)

Much of what we know and still use is old, very old although it’s likely to have been repackaged and repurposed somewhere along the way. 

But getting back to the complexities of perfect training.

Who is this for?

Utilising the latest training protocols, techniques and gadgets does not and never will outweigh effort put forth on basic movements.

The majority of gym users don’t need the latest fad training techniques, the protein powders or pre-workout tremor inducing cocktails.

But they’re certainly more attractive as they require less effort or consistency.

There is a simpler way!

Yes it requires effort

And no it won’t always be fun.

But fitness is as much about mental discipline as it is about physical.

We all know about the physical results derived from progressive resistance training but the mental resolve it takes to achieve these goals is underplayed.

“The ultimate reason for setting goals is to entice you to become the person it takes to achieve them”

– Jim Rohn

You are changed both physically and mentally. 

This under-appreciated aspect is now part of YOUR mental tool box and can be deployed to other areas of your life.

Simple physical challenges (They’re mental challenges really) 

  • Walking for 30 mins EVERYDAY! (4,000 visits to the fridge) 
  • Workout for 20 – 45 mins everyday and sweat!
  • Reduce snacks especially sugary ones.
  • Toss a (6kg – 9kg) ball up against a wall 100 times!

It’s simple.

It’s not easy

But you’ve got this 

About the Author Stephen Devine

Steve not just a skilled Crossfit Coach, but a top-tier CrossFit Competitor who's ranked in the top 1% worldwide in the 2023 Crossfit Open! And this is despite spending six weeks on crutches following surgery to fix a broken ankle just a year ago. He's Qualified as a Crossfit L1 Coach, Crossfit Gymnastics, and is also a qualified Olympic Weightlifting Coach.

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