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Remote Coaching 40+

Eratic schedule preventing you from hiring a PT in person? Check out this affordable option to supercharge your fitness regime.

Picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rich Froning on the cover of my Master Muscle Program

Muscle Master Plan 40+

In person PT Build Muscle, Strip Fat and Boost Performance with a trainer who understands what it's like to inhabit a 40+ body!

Steve handstand in gymnastic rings

CrossFit Master Plan 40+

Learn from a CrossFit Coach who came 2nd UK in Age Group in the CrossFit Games 2022.

Getting in the best shape of your life past forty is simple but not easy. 

There are many Personal Trainers in Tunbridge Wells however the choice for men and women over forty just became a whole lot simpler.

If you've ever had a programme written for you by a well meaning twentysomething trainer that left you sore for days, lethargic and unproductive at work you may want to continue reading.

I know what this feels like by the way as I have hired young coaches too. No disrespect to them but they fail to fully grasp just what it feels like to inhabit a body that imagines itself in its twenties but behaves like it's in its nineties....

Life, family committments, work and limited recovery abilities all compete to sabotage your best intentions.


There is hope.
Daily activity, consistency with physical training, eating like an adult and managing stress do more to build bodies past forty than the latest elite, shhhh don't tell anyone else super secret training protocol.

Want to find out how men and women over forty who have responsibilities that include making their own meals and doing their own laundry get in shape?

Then give me a call.

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