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CrossFit MastersPlan is a unique Crossfit program designed specifically for Crossfit masters who want to give the youngsters in their box a run for their money.

Crossfit is a popular form of fitness that combines strength, endurance, and conditioning exercises, and is known for its high-intensity workouts. However, as athletes age or experience injuries, it can be challenging to maintain the same level of intensity without risking further injury.

CrossFit MastersPlan addresses this challenge by providing modified Crossfit workouts that are tailored to the needs of masters athletes. These workouts focus on rebuilding strength, flexibility, and endurance, while also helping athletes to safely return to the high-intensity training they love.

CrossFit MastersPlan is different from other Crossfit programs in that it is specifically designed for masters athletes. It takes into consideration the unique challenges that come with age, such as decreased mobility, balance issues, and joint stiffness. The program also recognizes that injury is a common concern for many masters athletes, and it offers modifications and scaling options to accommodate different levels of fitness and ability.

Whether you are a seasoned Crossfit athlete looking to return to your previous level of fitness or a beginner looking to build strength and endurance, Wodmasters offers a safe and effective way to achieve your goals. With its tailored workouts and experienced coaches, Wodmasters is an ideal program for anyone looking to get back into shape after an injury or a period of time away from fitness.


Flexibility: You can train at your own convenience, choosing times that fit your schedule without being bound my availability

Suitable Programming: Steady state cardio in many cases is a game changer but you don’t need to have a PT to supervivse you on this (programming it yes :). This is most likely something you need but you'll never do it in a PT session... which means it's unlikely you'll do it.

Cost-Effectiveness: It's often more affordable than in-person training. Since I don't need to spend time commuting or booking physical spaces, I can offer this services at a lower cost.

Customised Training Programs: I can provide personalised workout and nutrition plans tailored to your goals, abilities, and equipment availability. Which means some (perhaps cardio) sessions could be from home whilst others you could perform in a gym.

Form Correction: Film your last working set (on my app) for the main movements and have your form feedback video delivered within 48 hours!

Consistent Support and Accountability: Online platforms often allow for more frequent check-ins and communication with trainers, which can help YOU stay motivated and on track. You get much more access to me than with standard once per week PT.

Low Tech & Ease of Use: With advancements in technology, the ideas is that it may be a trifle more convoluted for me (the trainer) but for you it should be as simple as possible to use.

Variety in Training Methods: 60 min PT sessions restrict the kinds of training that you perform. No steady state cardio, limited mobility time and next to no time to discuss nutrition. This is why Remote Coaching can be a winner!

Trackable Progress: My online app has a built-in tools for tracking YOUR progress, such as weight loss, strength gains, or improved endurance, providing tangible evidence of improvement.


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Unleash Your Athletic Potential with Muscle Master Plan!

Are you a man over 40 looking to take your fitness to the next level and achieve a strong, powerful, and athletic body? Introducing the unconventional fitness program that combines the best of both worlds – '40+ Muscle Master Plan'!

The Ultimate Fusion of Strength and Fitness

Muscle Master Plan is not your average fitness program. It's a transformative experience designed to build your athleticism, strength, and overall fitness using a unique blend of free weights and bodyweight movements. This carefully crafted package is tailored specifically for men over 40 just like you to help you achieve peak performance without spending countless hours in a gym.

Shape Your Body, Boost Your Performance

A clear and easy to follow nutrition plan complements your training efforts, ensuring you develop a strong, powerful-looking body that performs as well as it looks. Whether you're aiming to enhance your endurance, agility, or strength, Hybrid Athletic has got you covered. Get ready to experience untapped levels of energy and stamina that'll keep you going strong throughout the day!

Your Personal Coach and Accountability Partner

When you join the Muscle Master Plan, you're not just signing up for a fitness program; you're gaining a dedicated coach and accountability partner. I will be alongside you throughout the journey, providing personalised support, valuable insights, and unwavering motivation. Your success is my top priority, and together, we will smash through barriers until your fitness goals have been achieved. Now this is a relatively short and intense programme that’s designed for a specific person in mind. (It’s not for everyone - see below ⬇️)

Can you Commit to a Better You?

Are you ready to unlock your true athletic potential? Are you committed to dedicating up to 4 hours per week to your fitness goals? Are you willing to learn new skills and challenge the boundaries of your comfort zone?

If so, then Muscle Master Plan is the perfect program for you! Leave behind outdated fitness routines and experience the future of training, tailored to suit your needs.

Don't let age define your fitness journey. Embrace the Muscle Master Plan and build the strong, powerful, and athletic body you deserve. Are you ready to rise to the challenge?