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Usually I talk about sustainable fitness.

Making small incremental changes to make a lasting change but in a way that you can integrate into your life seamlessly.

There’s a problem with this though.

Results will take a long time to mature and not everybody has the patience to wait, me included.

Ideally we would all be able to start a new healthy habit, foster and nurture it and stand by, patiently until it effortlessly came to fruition. 

We could then build upon these habits one by one until we were living a virtuous life to rival that of a ‘Tibetan Monk’ although I don’t know any so I may be wrong on this.

Perhaps a better way might be to front load some restrictions early on to deliver some much needed quick wins that would motivate the necessary stamina to complete the fitness project. 

These restrictions don’t have to be forever but may be necessary at least initially to give you a mental boost and let you know that you’re on the right track.

What kind of restrictions?

  • Alcohol
  • Snacking
  • Added Sugar
  • Late nights
  • Takeaways

These would be the first to throw under the bus.

Once you gain a little traction you could consider adding some of the back into your life so long as they don’t create backward steps.

Is this the perfect solution?

Nope, probably not as it requires effort but there’s nothing wrong with making an effort, right?

Almost everyone who’s ever made positive changes to their health has had to consider one or more of these restrictions.

The funny thing is that these habits aren’t just related to weight loss but for improving your quality of life overall. 

Pick one to start with and see how you go. So long as it’s not just eliminating late nights 😉

About the Author Stephen Devine

Steve not just a skilled Crossfit Coach, but a top-tier CrossFit Competitor who's ranked in the top 1% worldwide in the 2023 Crossfit Open! And this is despite spending six weeks on crutches following surgery to fix a broken ankle just a year ago. He's Qualified as a Crossfit L1 Coach, Crossfit Gymnastics, and is also a qualified Olympic Weightlifting Coach.

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