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Beta Test for Online Free Training programme aimed at dads in their 40s and offered by I Am Devine Personal trainer in Tunbridge Wells.

“A fit body is never a choice, it is a series of choices.”

– James Clear

Running a fitness business I’m bombarded daily by emails, posts and videos from business gurus who promise to deliver success on a platter if I just do this one thing… buy their thing!

So I can understand how you must feel as it’s likely that you’re bombarded with similar promises of the perfect body on a daily basis if you just do this one thing…

The problem is it’s never just one thing. It’s a series of things done consistently over the course of time.

Most people just don’t have the stomach for this kind of investment in time an effort. The kind that requires consistency and relentless day after day unwavering commitment to the process.

Most trainers just don’t have the stomach to admit this to their clients either. I mean that kind of programme is just going to fly right off the shelves 😉.

But it does have to start somewhere and to make things a bit more palatable I usually package things in either 4 week or 8 week blocks.

Is this going to fix 40 years of abusing your body? Look I’m sure you know the answer to that already. But you can certainly make an impact.

Moving the obstacles that stand between you and a healthier lifestyle out of the way one by one. This can be an overwhelming prospect depending on how big the job is.

  • Having a framework helps.
  • Finding support helps.
  • Access to expertise helps
  • Being part of a group helps
  • A timeframe helps too.

If you trained 3 x per week in a gym with a personal trainer this would still be less than 2% of your week. So focussing on the 98% is what actually instigates real change.

I see this in my work so often. Some of the hardest workers in the gym are not the healthiest, hell they’re not even in shape some of them.

Why? Because their lifestyle outside the gym doesn’t support what they do inside.

Now, if you’re a dad in your 40s and want to lose a stone before Christmas then I have something that might interest you – check out my Free Beta Test Offer below.

No, it’s not magic and you’ll have to do some work but I’ll show you how and when you get the results I said you would you can repay me by giving a testimonial about your experience.

If this sounds like something you have time for then please hit the link below. I only have space for 10 guys so be quick if you want me to hold a place for you. It kicks off on Mon 16th Nov.

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