Sea Change

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Sea Change


  1. a profound or notable transformation.

Coming out of lockdown is a bit of an anti climax.Apart from a few occasions where there have been large celebrations it has on the whole been quite a civilised return to … erm well civilisation

Maybe it’s just me but when a global pandemic strikes I’d like to think that we all learned a little something.

We don’t just return to normality, we are coloured by the events, they mark our lives.

There’ll be the obvious changes of course, the inevitable social distancing and wearing of facemarks but what else?

I believe that there’s a Sea Change coming and things may not ever be the same again.

But this doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

You may have already realised what’s important to you and now that you’ve been given a taste why would you want to go back to the way things were.

Working from home and spending time with family and not having to spend 2 hours commuting to an over populated city in an over populated train may be heaven. (or hell, you can’t please everyone 🙂

Your priorities may have shifted as a result of the recent events.

Perhaps the peak on the outer head of your biceps may not be as important to you as having robust overall health? 

Maybe you don’t even know or care where your biceps is who knows 🙂

But where you pursue this robust overall health may be of concern to you.

From a trainer’s perspective The fitness industry has been broken for quite a while and is typified by something I heard this morning.

A trainer returning to a gym faced a rent increase (you pay to go to work) and they wanted 30% of his income too!

How is this a fair exchange?

Things don’t have to stay the way they are. If they don’t work for you, do something about it, “be the change” (I love a quote) 

This is one of the reasons I was keen to set up Best Bootcamp Tunbridge Wells with Bruno.

A genuine opportunity to tilt at the windmills of established norms and serve a market looking for something different.

So if you have some fitness goals that involve you not just looking better but also feeling strong and healthy then please keep reading.

Training outdoors with minimal equipment sharing, sufficient space to keep your distance, organised training times and being coached through a session seems like a no brainer to me.

Yes this seems like a great idea as the weather is hot but what about when it gets colder?

Well we will be looking for a suitable gym space over the next few months to ensure we can continue even during the colder months. 

By which time hopefully things will have settled down a little in gym environments.

Does any of this sound like something you’d be interested in?

Then why not contact myself or Bruno.

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Steve not just a skilled Crossfit Coach, but a top-tier CrossFit Competitor who's ranked in the top 1% worldwide in the 2023 Crossfit Open! And this is despite spending six weeks on crutches following surgery to fix a broken ankle just a year ago. He's Qualified as a Crossfit L1 Coach, Crossfit Gymnastics, and is also a qualified Olympic Weightlifting Coach.

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