How To Protect Your Wrists Whilst Pressing

Training at home is sometimes seen as being inferior to training in a gym or purpose built emporium. After all they charge the big bucks so they must be effective right?

Not so fast. If you know what you’re doing and with a little bit of equipment you can achieve fantastic results. Working at home with bodyweight may take some ingenuity though, and you’ll have to utilise your surroundings as best you can to maximise your results.

But there are many advantages to working out at home some of which are obvious such as never having to wait for someone to finish updating their facebook status before giving up their comfy seat on the machine you want to use.  You have the flexibility of working out whenever you want and you don’t have to factor in travel time to the gym. One of the main ones I suppose is the privacy. Nobody has to see your sweat making your fat cry.

In this short series of articles I will demonstrate some exercises you can use as part of a program to create the results you desire.  I’m going to start with some protective equipment that I use either at home or in the gym to protect my wrists. What I’ve found as I get older is that I become susceptible to injury and warming up and mobility has become more important.

You’ll probably hear some people say that they never use any form of supports as they would rather do the movement on their own or not at all. Well in my opinion, which of course is always correct this is short sighted as there’s no need to intentionally chase the pain. If there are aids out there or smarter ways to train then I’m all for using them.

AOF wrist wraps

In this post I’ll show you what I use to protect my wrists and a piece of equipment that allows me to by pass the problem. The wrist wraps you see here you can easily get at AOF Wrist Wraps.

I find these ones to be the best but they take a bit of time to bed in as they’re quite stiff to begin with. They provide warmth and support for your wrists in pressing movements such as push ups or handstand push ups. They’re also useful if you want to hit the heavy bag or training mitts providing a bit more support for your wrist in these activities.

MH push up handles


These push up handles can be obtained from pretty much anywhere and there are many different styles you can go for. These are pretty much the budget options and cost less than £10. You can find them here >>>Push up handles



wrist-supination-neutral-pronationThe reason that these provide some relief from pushing movements is that I can keep my hands and wrists especially in a neutral position rather than in pronation as you see here. This reduces the stress I feel on my wrists when I do movements as outlined above. But please be aware that using these handles will increase your range of motion slightly, which is probably a good thing but not if it takes you by surprise.

Take a look at the video below to see how it all fits together.



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