Squats: How they may save your life one day.

Think bodyweight exercises done at home are the poor relation of gym workouts? Then think again.

Why should you squat?

Squatting is one of the most important movements that we perform as humans and maintaining the strength and mobility necessary to complete this movement will assist in later life. You may think I’m being a little dramatic but squatting your own bodyweight off the toilet in your 70s or 80s can mean the difference between you living at home or assisted living in a community. Now for me that’s already an easy choice.

It’s all very well this prolonged life expectancy but of what real value is it if you can’t lead it independently? I don’t mean to disrespect anyone already in this position (probably not reading this anyway) but if it’s within your power to influence this outcome then there really is no excuse. 

Is bodyweight exercise effective?

Just because you’re using your own bodyweight doesn’t mean that an exercise has to be less effective or even less intense. Thousands of repetitions aren’t required either to illicit the desired response.

All you need is a little guidance.

And lucky you, here’s where you can find some.

Starting off with some basic squat progressions, which by the way is my favourite exercise. It’s also the single most useful and result producing exercise you can do. No amount of leg extensions or leg presses can replicate what your body was meant to do naturally.

The video below shows the following exercises in ascending order of skill level and intensity.

  1. Air Squat
  2. Lunge
  3. Bulgarian Split Squat
  4. Pistol Squat


All of these exercises can be completed at home with little or no equipment, although you may need some furniture…


Give these exercises a try, more detailed tutorials to follow in the near future.


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