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This week John Bogle, founder of Vanguard, shares a life lesson:

"At a party given by a billionaire on Shelter Island, the late Kurt Vonnegut informs his pal, the author Joseph Heller, that their host, a hedge fund manager, had made more money in a single day than Heller had earned from his wildly popular novel Catch 22 over its whole history.

"Heller responded, 'Yes, but I have something he will never have ... Enough.'"

You may have heard me talk about Occam's Razor. Paraphrasing someone from the 13th Century who probably never said anything that resembles this. "It's vain to do with more what can be done with fewer"

I like to extend this to fitness and I spend most of my time trying to persuade my clients including you, to do less.

A little less but more consistently would work better.

And to be honest what you do outside the gym will have as much if not more bearing on your overall health and fitness in any case.

Making significant impact on your health and fitness doesn't require fancy equipment or training 7 days per week.

But it does necessitate you move frequently, yes every day and that you eat like an adult.

Replacing your crappy habits with new ones that serve your goals is simple but not easy.

Stack the odds in your favour by allowing your surroundings and environment to work with you rather than provide obstacles.

Strategies and decisions in advance can prevent last minute rushed choices that have the ability to derail your progress and any positive momentum you've generated.

Having a plan is great but as​ Mike Tyson commented "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth"

So it pays to anticipate these punches in the mouth in advance.

Rather than ducking you can figure out what you're going to do to surmount the upcoming obstacle / punch.

Having some favourite go-to easy cook meals to either prepare after a long day's work or to take with you as a lunch can help.

Skipping breakfast is a false economy.

You're not hungry or you have no time?

But come 11am that muffin or pack of biscuits is calling your name and your growling stomach has squashed your resistance.

Holiday season is around the corner and it will surely put any of your best laid plans to the test.

My advice.

Roll with the punches...

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