I have a drink problem – my glass is empty!

Not being the most observant kind of fellow I have to admit that even I've noticed that it's Christmas. That time of year where we have an excuse to go out and eat too much and drink too much.

I've noticed also that it seems each year things get a little more divisive and polarising. Advertisements on TV showing you how to indulge yourself properly as if you needed help with that.

Then a few days later the messages shift towards purging yourself of all the excess that they've enticed you into previously and calling your gluttonous choices into question. 

This is the time of year to rekindle your relationship with elasticated waistbands. Yup, I know some people out there who take the free buffet option seriously.

Well we can bitch and moan about the excess of Christmas or we can embrace the fact that there's an ebb and flow to life and that it's damn near impossible to escape this time of year with your sanity intact. 

If alcohol and food helps you survive then by all means you have my permission to self medicate as you see fit.

(Ok that's my attempt to drum up a little extra business for January)

I've rewritten this post about four times now and unfortunately this is as good as it gets.

No rousing, motivational call to action coaxing you into the gym.

No low calorie drink options.

No preaching in general this week, 

I know that this must be disappointing for you, but I'm sure I'll get back on track very soon with this.

Right, that's pretty much it for now folks. Hope to see some of you during the week in pubs, restaurants or perhaps even the gym. For the rest of you Merry Christmas!

Speak soon

Coach Steve

PS Enjoy Mickey Flanagan's take on equal opportunity alcohol consumption

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