Celebrity Transformations

Yes I know.

I’m picking on Mark Wahlberg again.

Lately in my little social media bubble there’s been a deluge of admiration for various celebrities and their work ethics not to mention their stunning transformations.

One such celebrity chef with 24 inch arms documents his daily regimen and eating plan which consists of 10,000 calories per day and an eye watering 2,222 push ups at 4 am.

This chef’s daily routine was so full of commendable / honourable activities that he only left himself 2 hours to sleep each night!

Much like Mark Wahlberg’s daily routine that was reported a few years back.

Recently it was Frank Grillo’s turn to show off his gym and fridge to Men’s Health. At 55 yrs old he maintains 5% body fat.

A Punishing work routine and undoubtedly much hard work goes into this.
But it’s what’s missing that’s really interesting.

Let’s start with some of the likely advantages he enjoys.

An assistant to plan out your diary / day – I want one!
Live in child care in case the kids keep you awake at 2am when you should be meditating.
Your own personal trainer (worth their weight in gold obvs!)
A chef or Prepared meals that adhere to strictly controlled portion / cals and macro allowances.
Blood transfusions for when you don’t want to put up with your hangover (Ok that might just be Joe JRE 😉 )

This is not the real world at least it’s not mine.

Now for the other stuff they rarely ever mention whilst posting their sculpted, photoshopped physiques on social media.

Chemical assistance!💉💊💉💊💉💊💉💊💉💊💉💊

Steroids, Growth hormone, TRT, Insulin, diuretics this list is longer than my limited expertise here permits.
Ok fair enough how is it any of my business what an individual does with their own body?

It’s not.


Celebs on their latest film promotion junket are always keen to thank Jesus and their agent for their uncommon levels of stoicism and work ethic.

These alone are responsible for bringing about their jaw dropping transformations.

Just know that they are deceiving you.

They’re actors for God’s sake!

“There’s no talent here” can only be announced to the world by someone who fails to acknowledge that not everyone is born with the same physical or mental abilities. 🐊of💩
So my advice to you.

Get up at 4am and knock out those 2,222 push ups because the guy with the 24 inch arms says it’s a good idea if you like.

Your sleep, mental health and physical wellbeing may take a hit but if you carry on for the next five years, you too, could sport some massive t-shirt stretching guns.

Ok, no I lied. 🤥

That part isn’t true at all.

In fact it’s horse shit. 🐎💩

Alternatively you could sit down with a fitness professional, create some realistic goals set them to a time frame. Put them into a plan.

Consider just what you’re willing to sacrifice to hit your goals.
Enlist some help and support to keep you accountable (this generally trumps motivation)
Find some joy in the process,
Celebrate your wins,
Understand that you’ll fall off the wagon,
Know that you’ll climb back on.
And just keep showing up!
Lastly don’t beat yourself up for not looking like the celebrity who has access to advantages and resources that you can only dream of.

If you’d like some help with all of this then hit the link below in the comments.

To your success


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