Shooting Stars

Pret A Manger

Years ago in a previous life I worked for Pret.

My first job when I moved to London.

It was a fantastic company to work for and taught me many valuable lessons.

When I first joined there were approx 15 shops there’s countless numbers now.

Truly a success story.

So maybe they’re doing something right.

One of the things they got right was how they treated their staff.

How they achieved motivation and got everyone to buy into what the overall vision was.

One of the many ways they employed to make this happen was a scheme called shooting stars.

The company believed in promoting from within to various tiers of management.

When someone reached a new managerial level they were issued with a chequebook (yes it was
the ’90s) of shooting stars in say £10 denominations.

The overall value of the cheque book depended on the managerial level to which the staff
member had risen.

But here’s the twist.

It wasn’t for them.

Nope. It was for them to reward those around them who had inspired them or helped train
them to get them to their new level.

How has this got anything to do with my desire to get myself in shape I hear you say?

Well if you want to back up your words with actions. Then it’s going to take more than
just you to make it all happen.

And no this isn’t the cheesy part where I step in and say how much you need a coach.

No that’s later…

What I do mean, is that you need a support network around you who are as invested in your
success as you are.

This too needs to be backed with actions not just words.

Your partner supports you right?

Do they demonstrate this with resentment free time away from the family to make your
goals happen.

Does your family encourage you.

Grocery shopping assists you in making the right nutritional choices.

This list could go on, clearly.

But you get what I mean.

Your support network will be pivotal in assisting you achieve your goals.

If this isn’t in place before you start then likely you’ll waste both time and money.

Speak to someone who understands that getting fitter and healthier isn’t just about
lifting weights or eating clean.


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