10 Gym Habits That Need To Die

This image depicts what many new lifters look like when they perform a deadlift.
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10 Fitness habits that need to die

These habits may not build the body of your dreams but they will however prevent you falling foul of poor gym etiquette and incurring the wrath of other irate gym goers.

Over the last thirty years of being around various gyms I’ve witnessed a lot of strange people doing peculiar stuff. I made notes!

Let’s see if you have any of these characters in your gym?

  • The kids who are far too busy to put their weights away. Grrr unfortunatley every gym has some of these guys.
  • The posse of guys who chalk up, wrap up and then proceed to bang out reps on the leg press machine. They’ve found every 20kg plate in the gym and piled them up on all sides of the machine. They grunt and bellow as the force out their rather underwhelming reps that extend no further than 2 inches.
  • The Water cooler guys, you know the ones with the drinks bottles the size of a water cooler – Why?
  • Gym Bro’s who cart over sized gym bags around the gym presumably containing a weeks worth of spare gymshark, Pre Workouts, Post Workouts, Intra Workouts, 12 Tupperware Tubs of Chicken And Broccoli, Supps, Collars, Gloves, Belts, Lifting Shoes, Protein Powder and the blender.
  • Men wearing high viz tights and vests…. Damn that’s me
  • The guys who Deadlift with such poor form that they resemble a doggie taking a poop! (See gym selfie above)
  • The biomechanics specialist who meticulously sets up every machine at the correct angle and suspends multi coloured resistance bands from every corner. A fabulous triumph of style over substance.
  • The functional fitters who swing Kettle bells in unison and look like they wouldn’t be out of place the mosh pit at a Metallica concert.
  • The oblivious guy performing Walking Lunges with a barbell on his back. There’s an extremely good chance he’ll take someone’s head off walking around with a 7ft pole on his back. But he won’t know as he’s in the zone, hoodie pulled over his head and obligatory earphones ensure that he neither sees or hears his victims as he knocks them over like skittles…. Okay I may have gotten carried away with this one.
  • Straps for doing lat pull downs or pull ups, c’mon you’re better than this.

    Have you got any to add to the list? I’d be interested to hear from you.

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